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Richard Holway is considered  to be one of the UK's leading ICT analysts. 

Richard started in computing in 1966 as a programmer, joined Hoskyns (now Capgemini) in 1968 and progressed to join the board in 1979 as Group Marketing Director. In 1984, Richard was appointed Managing Director of Wootton Jeffreys plc before forming Richard Holway Limited in 1986.

In 1986, Richard Holway Limited was formed which became the leading authority on the financial performance of the UK software and IT services market and its constituent companies. Richard launched the annual Holway Report in 1988. In 1989 he published the first edition of the monthly newsletter SYSTEMhouse and, in 1996, the Hotnews internet news service - one of the very first technology "blogs". is the current manifestation of Hotnews and is required daily reading for thousands of tech CEOs and directors.

Richard Holway Ltd was sold to Ovum in 2000 where Richard  served as a director of Ovum plc. He was closely involved in Ovum's successful IPO onto AIM in March 2006. Ovum plc was acquired by Datamonitor for cú42m in Dec 06;  a very considerable premium.

Richard has considerable experience as an NED (both of private and publicly quoted companies) and as an advisor to the boards of leading ICT companies. Currently, Richard sits on the advisory board at Elderstreet Capital a non executive director at the publicly quoted  RCM Technology Trust plc and as a non executive director on the board of Regent Partners International Ltd - the holding company of M&A specialists Regent Associates. He provides his personal services to clients via Farnham Consulting.

Richard became the chairman of the Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group (of which he was founder in 2002) in Apr. 07.


Holway the Wise Grey Owl 
FINANCIAL TIMES 3rd December 2002

The figures every senior executive needs to know
Richard Holway is the wise grey owl of the UK technology sector, which he has been involved in for 36 years, 16 of them as an influential, fiercely independent and highly-respected analyst. His deep and intricate knowledge of the technology industry allowed him to be one of the few analysts to recognise and describe the technology and internet boom of recent years for what it was: a crazy, passing fad.  
In 1992 his company, which was sold to Ovum in 2000, began the Boring Award, for companies that recorded 10 years of consistent earnings growth. It has been awarded to just two existing companies - Sage and Capita - and is proudly displayed in the headquarters of both

Holway the Legend 
2nd March 2002

His views are not to be taken lightly - the man is something of a legend in the UK IT industry .For years he and his team have produced the leading analysis of the UK software and services sector. There is no equivalent of the Holway Report anywhere in the world. Many can compete with the mass of statistics that Holway produces, but few can compete with the knowledge and experience of Holway himself. It was Holway who correctly predicted (back in 1997) that the IT industry would catch a cold once the fuss over the millennium bug was over. Colin Barker, Editor, Computing 2nd March 2003.

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