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Richard is the Chairman of TechMarketView LLP - the new technology analysis and research firm setup with Anthony Miller.

This is UK HotViews - updated frequently with Anthony Miller and Richard Holway's views on everything of interest in the TMT (tech, media and telecoms) world.

Here you will find the gateway to all the Holway family websites including daughters Sarah and Louise, nieces and nephews and holidays.

Pictures taken on walks in  the Lake District and links to other similar sites

Take a cyber tour of the gardens at Warren House in Farnham.

Holway Biography

Louise, Neil and Euan


Frankie and Teddy

Garden Today

Holway's business biography

Also see www.FarnhamConsulting.com


This is Louise, Neil and Euan's own website - "like father, like daughter"

Sarah doesn't have her own website yet but this is as close as it gets.

This is website of Frankie and Teddy (my Godson) 

'Garden Today' is the most visited part of the site as it is updated very frequently/usually at least once a week throughout the year.